Picture of MM Journey Partner Danielle

Danielle S.
Diagnosed: 2011
ASCT: Aug & Nov 2012

Danielle was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in December of 2011 when she was 46 years old. Leading up to her diagnosis, she first experienced pain in her lower back and hip area, which she attributed to a herniated disc. When she began having pain in her lower leg, she suspected a torn ligament. Subsequent tests led to a diagnosis of multiple myeloma and a tumor on her fibula that would need surgery. Danielle had two autologous stem cell transplants - one in August and the other in November of 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. Danielle now enjoys working in a large real estate office. She also enjoys creating in the kitchen, much to the delight of her two sons and granddaughter. Danielle’s family provides constant motivation, and she’s happiest when her entire family is together.

For Danielle, stem cell transplants were the most effective treatment for her multiple myeloma. Danielle and Dr. Joseph R. Mikhael emphasize the importance of patients and doctors having a conversation about the potential for this treatment, because eligible patients who receive stem cell transplants have had noticeably higher remission rates.